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    A bad Mattress can set back WEEKS of positive Spinal Decompression Progress.

    If your spine is not aligned properly during sleep, it will strain and stress your spine, as well as your neck, shoulders, hips and even your jaw.

    It’s Not Just REST…
    It’s Restoration!


The Zero-Gravity position was identified by NASA to be the optimal position for their Astronauts to rest while recovering from the pressures of space travel.  There are many benefits to sleeping in Zero-Gravity but for our purposes here are a few key take-aways:

• Simply put, Zero-Gravity minimizes the stress of your own body weight
• Psoas muscles are relaxed
• Decompressed Vertebrae, with greatly reduced pressure on the intervertebral discs
• Improved circulation & oxygen levels

Providing the body with an opportunity to minimize the effects of gravity, relax the Psoas muscles, decompress Vertebrae and improved circulation with maximized oxygen levels positions the body well for restoration.

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Mattress Breakdown:

  • Advanced Temperature Regulating Fabric
  • Stretch knit for enhanced comfort
  • Graphene Hyper-conductive Foam
  • Dissipates heat from skin to regulate core temperature
  • Mini-Coil System for targeted pressure relief
  • HD Comfort Layer
  • Adaptive-Coil Layer
  • Over 2000 adaptive coils for pressure relief and breathability Zoned Support System
  • Prevents motion transfer, facilitates airflow and relieves pressure along the neck, shoulders, back and hips
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We are proud to offer products made and sourced in America.

  • Monte, CA

    “This bed has been an incredible blessing.  It is a comfortable and cozy mattress.  I haven’t experienced any body aches or back pain, and I wake up every morning refreshed.  Since I’ve had this mattress, my times of waking up in the middle of the night have decreased and my total hours of sleep have increased.”

  • Dr. Jeff Willis, DC

    "The Dr. K Hybrid mattress is a dream to sleep on.  From the moment you open the box, you know you’re getting a quality mattress.  The foam is thick and cozy.  Offering good firmness with a slow sinking feeling.  The mattress has just enough spring to lessen the bouncy feeling when your partner shifts at night.  The bed caters nicely to side-sleepers and back-sleepers alike.  I believe this mattress is a good investment for those looking for comfort as well as the health benefits of a good night’s sleep."

  • KP, Scottsdale

    "I’ve been sleeping on an adjustable Tempurpedic bed for over three years. I didn’t think I’d ever want to change. Then, I set up your frame and mattress. I like it more than the Tempurpedic!  Amazing comfort and support.  I’ve made a change from the Temperpedic in my master suite.”